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Greenfield Primary School

Welcome to our new school website!!!

It's the holidays...

...but don't worry, there are still lots of games you can play to keep your brain ticking over until we come back to school!

Why not - 
1. Visit the library and choose a new book to read
2. Go into the countryside and build a den
3. Check out these fun maths games -
4. Write an adventure story
5. Go for a walk and try and spot signs that Spring is here!
6. Write Mrs Newark a poem about spring using adjectives and rhyming words

Don't forget your homework too!  One of your literacy challenges is to learn a riddle to perform to the class.  Test your brains with this tricky riddle...

What am I?
I sleep by day.
I fly by night.
I have no feathers to aid my flight.
What am I?



(answer = a bat)