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We got to grips with the beginning of the Empire...
'Whoo! We finally got rid of that Tarquinius Superbus, superwimp more like!'                              


 'And me!' (Poor Ceasar, didn't have a friend to call his own, boo hoo!)

We followed the Romans all the way to Britannia where Brave Boudicca put up a good fight, watch this space for our news article on the Battle of Watling Street. 

Now we are investigating the great Roman heroes - the Gladiators... 


Gladiators this is the Lanista of your gladiator school - the Great Sirius Potterius, obey him well and freedom and glory shall be yours! 

'Gladiators, hope you enjoyed the Roman topic as much as I did, check on the website for the article on our Roman Day which will be published shortly, till then fight well and be victorious!'