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Star of the Week

Star of the Week


Each week in Reception we choose a Star of the Week! The adults that have worked in class throughout the week keep a close eye on children who are working hard, being kind to their friends and trying their best to follow our golden rules. As a team we then choose one person as our Star of the Week. The chosen child then has the pleasure of taking home our class bear (Bernard) for a couple of days. It is always really hard for staff to pick a Star of the Week as each and every child works hard throughout the week. Please be aware that all children will be given the opportunity to take home our class bear at some point during their time in Reception.


Bernard loves to be taken home as he goes on lots of adventures. Children are also asked to complete one or two pages in his diary so that we can share their weekend with the rest of the children in class.


            This weeks Star of the Week


Tyler has been chosen to take home Bernard the Bear during the half term holidays. We had such a busy afternoon on our last day that we didn't manage to take a photograph of Tyler and Bernard. We will upload a picture once Bernard returns to school on Wednesday 8th November.






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