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Where in the World?

Our topic this half term is 'Where in the world', inspired by the World Cup!  We have already begun by thinking about our own village and beginning to locate important places on a map of the world.  We can already name the seven continents of the world!  The children were absolutely fascinated by looking at maps and at the globe and came up with lots of brilliant questions.  Get your thinking hats on, and see if you can research and find the answers to these tricky questions...

1. Why are places hotter on the equator?
2. Would time pass quicker if the Earth spun quicker?
3. How far is it between North America and the Antarctic?
4. Is the inner core the hottest thing on the planet?

The first person to answer each of the questions will get to go in the Treasure Chest (year 2 or year 3).  Good luck!