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Collins E Books

We are pleased to now have a full subscription to Collins Big Cat eBooks which will soon be available to all children across the school. 


This scheme will be used alongside our new Collins Big Cat Book scheme which we have recently refreshed with brand new and up to date books, during the October Half Term. 


Given the current situation, we hope that the ebook library will enable children access to reading books at their level regardless to whether they are in school or having to isolate at home. It is also an alternative way to get you child into reading, especially if they would rather swipe a screen than turn a page. 

How do I get access to these books?

Your child's class teacher will send home a letter including your child's login details and a support guide on how to access this ebook library. 


How do I know what my child is reading on the ebook library is appropriate for my child?

Your child's class teacher will be in charge of selecting the books allocated to your child's ebook library. They may allocate one or more books at a time and will be able to see which of the books your child has chosen to read.