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Earth and Space


Tasks for this week... 

We will be looking at the movement of the moon and the different phases it goes through each month. 

Keep a moon diary to observe the changes the moon goes through each night. 

Things to keep an eye out for are: 

  • The shape 
  • The size 
  • How bright it is
  • What time you can see it from
  • How well you can see it (is it cloudy or clear?) 


If you can't see the moon before you go to bed, use the website below which shows what the moon looks like each night. 


Once you've started completing your moon diary, watch the videos below to find out why the moon changes like it does and what each phase is called. 

Phases of the Moon: Astronomy and Space

Moon Phases Experiment

Watch this video to find out why we see the moon as we do.

Picture 1