Greenfield Primary School

Welcome to Greenfield Primary School.

Behaviour and attitude

Greenfield Primary School Rules



  •  We respect ourselves and others
  •  We respect everybody within our school community including our peers and all adults
  •   We respect school property and the building and look after our belongings
  •  We respect others ideas and opinions 7



  •  We wear the correct uniform, including footwear, and are proud to represent our school
  • We are responsible for looking after our school uniform



  • We listen carefully to make it possible for all pupils to learn and feel safe
  • We listen carefully to all adults within school and follow instructions
  • We listen carefully to our peers



  • We take pride in our work, show excellent behaviour and always try our best
  • We always work hard and give 100% effort
  • We make an effort to ensure our work is always presented neatly
  •  We work hard to ensure we reach our full potential in every area




  •  We keep ourselves and others safe within school and online
  • We move around school safely and quietly
  •  We keep our hands to ourselves and do not hurt others
  • We know we can talk to adults if we need any help