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Data Protection & Policies

Data Controller and Data Protection Officer

Please see GDPR Policies for this information. Thank you.

Data Protection (GDPR)

From 25th May 2018 the new General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) became law.  As an organisation that gathers and uses data we are required to inform you ("right to be informed") of:

  • The Data Controller and Data Protection Officer, and how to contact them;
  • Why we are using your data;
  • What types of data we need from you and where it will be stored;
  • Who will have access to your data;
  • Who we are sharing your data with, if relevant, and if being transferred to a third party, include their names and reason for transfer;
  • How long we will keep your data and how we will dispose of it;
  • Your information rights;
  • Your right to complain.

Also, if data will be transferred to another country, used to make an automated decision about you or if your data will be used to create a profile about you.

Your right to access means you can ask to see the data an organisation holds on you, however, there are exemptions, but it is your right to ask if reasonable.

Your Child's Data

As a school we require some essential data from parents.  This data can be simply routine information such as your address, contact telephone numbers or details of any medical conditions your child may have.  Such information is legally required by schools and ensures that children and their families are well served by the school for routine matters.  In most cases, this data will be provided by you in written form but will then be processed and entered on the school's information management system.  Please be assured that our systems are:

  • password protected;
  • restricted to those with a "need to know";
  • regularly and securely backed-up externally;
  • managed in accordance with the law and local guidance.

However, as a school we also handle and use a much wider variety of data which may include:  CCTV recordings, test and assessment data, referrals to other agencies, SEND and medical information.