Greenfield Primary School

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Our Spring 1 Science topic is... 


Properties of Materials

25.01.24 - We tested thermal conductivity today. We wrapped warm water filled beakers in different materials and then kept measuring the temperature of each beaker to test which material kept the water warm for the longest!

18.01.24 - We tested different materials to work out whether they were electrical conductors or insulators. If the light bulb lit up, we knew they were conductors!

Our Autumn 2 Science topic was... 


Earth and Space

06.12.23 - We used Oreos to represent the lunar cycle and see which different phases the moon goes through!

09.11.23 - We created a model of how far away each planet is from the sun. One piece of toilet roll equalled 50 million km!

Our Autumn 1 Science topic was... 



26.09.23 - We each made different sized parachutes and then released them and timed how long it took for them to hit the ground below. Using this, we tested how the size of the parachute affected the amount of air resistance. We found that the largest parachute took the longest to fall because more air resistance was created.

14.09.2023 - We learned about gravity today and used Newton Meters to measure the weight and mass of different objects to test out gravity.