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Mental Health and Well-being


Welcome to the well-being section of our website.

On this page you will find resources for children and parents to use that will help to promote the mental health

and well-being of children at home. There will also be lots of examples of how we promote positive mental health and well-being at our school.




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Children's Mental Health Week February 2023

Children's Mental Health Week: Express Yourself

1st- 7th February 2021


Our children in school and at home had a fantastic time celebrating Children's Mental Health Week. We did lots of activities that allowed children to 'express themselves' including dancing, drawing and dressing to express how they were feeling. We also raised lots of money for the charity, Place2Be, which is fantastic so thank you!


Below are a few examples of the activities that the children took part in this week to raise awareness for children's mental health.


Dress to Express Day

How to relax after school:

Useful links for children to help support their well-being:

Useful links for parents to help support children's mental health: