Greenfield Primary School

Welcome to Greenfield Primary School.


This half term our focus in maths has been on place value. We have been looking at the value of digits in three and four-digit numbers, learning the roman numerals and we have also looked at the concept of negative numbers!


Next, we are moving on to addition and subtraction. We will be learning how to add and subtract four-digit numbers using formal written methods, as well as using our prior maths skills to decide the easiest way to work out a question. 

In Year 4 children are expected to complete a times tables check. It is a new statuatory assessment set by the government to take place in the autumn term. Children will need to know all 12 of their times tables.


To practise children can use:

TT Rockstars

Hit the Button


In class we listen to Times Tables songs on Youtube or BBC Supermovers: 


We also play times table bingo and the children all have their own set of times tables cards to use to help them to practise.