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This week in maths we have been using practical resources to help us to add two 2 digit numbers in a column. For your homework, have a go at using the column method to find the answers to the addition sentences set on Purple Mash. You could draw a place value grid and counters to help you. Remember that if there are 10 or more take 10 next door. 



Find the first serial mash activity set on purple mash this week. The first chapter of the story 'The Settlers' has been set which is linked to the topic 'The Stone Age'. This chapter along with a number of activities to complete will be available until 25/11/20. A new chapter will be released weekly in addition to this and new activities to complete. Some activities are PDF and may need to be printed. 


Chapter 2 Released - 11/11/20 to 02/12/20

Chapter 3 Released - 25/11/20 to 09/12/20

Chapter 4 Released - 02/12/20 to 16/12/20


Please speak to Mrs Lavin if you have any questions regarding this.