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Welcome to Greenfield Primary School.

Year 1 - Pine

Welcome to Year 1


Pine Class


Class Teacher: Miss L Bradley 

Summer Term (1)


Year 1 Pine have been working extremely hard throughout the summer term. I feel that we have made lots of progress in each subject and we are becoming much more independent within our learning.


Please take a look at our photographs below.





The children in Year 1 Pine have been working really hard during our English lessons over the past week. Each child has had a go at writing their own story. Miss Shaw and myself are very proud of all children and extremely pleased with the fantastic work that has been produced. 


Click on the videos below and listen to some of the amazing stories. We have some very imaginative children in our class.


Well done Year 1 Pine!

Isabel’s story

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Dougie’s story

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Lucy’s story

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Oliver’s story

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Tahlia’s story

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Esme’s story

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John’s story

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Maypole Dancing

Today, we have had lots of fun during our Maypole Dancing session. We worked in groups to dance around the maypole as well as listening carefully to Miss Shaw counting us in. We all worked really hard to follow Miss Bradley’s instructions.

Miss Bradley and Miss Shaw observed other classes during their Maypole Dancing sessions at the start of the week. They then taught us a little dance routine similar to what they had observed.

We hope that you enjoy looking at our photographs.


Maypole Dancing

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In RE, we have been learning about Islam. We have discussed the Five Pillars of Islam and why they are important. We were provided with the opportunity to look at a prayer mat as well as designing our own. Last week, we enjoyed discussing Eid and Miss Shaw very kindly planned a food tasting session.

In Maths, we have been focusing on multiplication and division. We have developed our skills and understanding in the following areas –

- Making equal groups
- Doubling numbers
- Understanding and making arrays
- Sharing objects into equal groups
- Halving numbers
- Link addition to multiplication
- Linking sharing to division









We continue to learn our sounds during our phonic sessions. We are now working at Phase 5 and doing a very good job remembering the tricky sounds. The adults teaching our phonics sessions are very impressed with our progress. Phonics sessions are different each day but the teachers always try to make sure that they are fun. We work together to play online games; we participate in practical activities in the hall as well as producing lovely work in our books.


In English, our focus book is ‘Dog’s Don’t Do Ballet.’ We started by having a go at writing a recount of our visit to the Royal Ballet. Miss Shaw then worked with us to develop our skills in order to independently write our own newspaper article. We are currently working hard to produce an information sheet about dogs.



Happy Easter 


Please take a look at our Easter Bonnets that children have made at home. We hope that you like them.






Designed by Emily

Designed by Niamh

Designed by Isabella

Designed by Erin

Designed by Amalia

Designed by Elliot

Designed by Lucy

Designed by Harriet

Designed by Annabelle

Designed by Sofia

Designed by Joseph

  Spring Term  



Many children in Year 1 Pine are currently completing their learning from home.

We have been home schooling for over 1 week now and I am very proud to say that all children in Year 1 Pine are working super hard whether they are working at home or working in school.

I have been setting lots of activities each day and I am pleased to say that all children are accessing the activities and completing the tasks.

Parents have very kindly sent me messages at the end of each day containing photographs of children’s completed work.

Take a look at the wonderful work that Year 1 Pine have been completing.

  Autumn Term 



Important Information



Year 1 Pine will have both of their PE sessions on a Monday. Please ensure that your child wears their PE kit to school every Monday to allow them to successfully participate in our PE and Dance lessons.


Homework and spellings

Homework will be set every Friday on Purple Mash. I will send all children an email explaining their homework task each week.

Our weekly spellings will be set on Spelling Shed.
If you need a username/password for either Purple Mash or Spelling Shed then please do not hesitate to ask.



This week we have been focusing on shape during our Maths lessons. The children have been identifying 2d shapes and discussing their properties. We have also looked at 3d shapes and worked hard to name and describe them. The children worked in small groups to make a model and used a variety of 3d shapes when building. I am very impressed at how well the children were able to name their chosen shapes as well as talk about the properties of their shape. Well done Pine class 


 Remembrance Day 

We have been talking about Remembrance day in class this week. The children shared their ideas and understanding of Remembrance day before watching a PowerPoint that provided them with additional information. We talked about why the 11th of November is an important date each year as well as discussing the reasons for Remembrance day. Lots of children have brought a donation into school in exchange for a poppy or other items. We have discussed what happens with their donation and what the money is used for. The children have been very mature when discussing this topic and have been very sensible during class discussions.

Making a Poppy Wreath From Our Handprints


Phonics is a very important subject within Year 1 as children are learning lots of different sounds and the ability to blend so that they become independent, confident and fluent readers. Phonics is one of my favourite subjects and I thoroughly enjoy teaching phonics in school. We have already started our daily phonic sessions in Year 1 Pine and I have VERY impressed with the children’s recognition of sounds and their ability to blend and segment. I will always try to plan various activities for the children to complete so that phonics remains fun and exciting throughout the year. There are lots of online games that allow children to recap previously taught sounds. In addition, children can have a go at reading both real and nonsense words. This will help children as it will prepare them for the phonics screening check that takes place at the end of Year 1.
Year 1 Pine have been learning lots of new sounds this week. One of the sounds being the oo sound. Children enjoy using their whiteboards to have a go at writing various words containing our focus sound.


We have been working on our number bonds to 10 in Pine class this week. We have thought of lots of different ways of working out our number bonds to 10 as well as ways of remembering them more easily in the future.


We have drawn around our hands so that we can count on our fingers.


We have made and coloured rainbows so that we can easily find our matching number to make 10. 


Miss Bradley has been challenging us to a game of ‘Hit the button’ whereby we try and get as many points within 1 minute as we can. Perhaps you would like to have a go at home?


 A Great Start to Year 1 


Year 1 Pine have made a wonderful start to the school year. I feel that all children have settled well and I am positive that we are going to have a happy and successful year.


Our main focus during the first half of the Autumn Term is to develop children’s PSHE development and ensure all children feel happy, safe and secure upon their return to school. There will be lots of lessons and activities whereby children will develop different aspects of PSHE whilst also having lots of fun.



We have been reading the story of The Colour Monster. Children in Year 1 Pine have been completing lots of activities linked to The Colour Monster and we therefore thought that it would be a nice idea to make a huge colour monster as part of our display. The children created their own colourful pictures using felt tips, crayons and paint. We then put all of them together as one to create our very own colour monster. I wonder whether anybody is able to spot our colour monster when walking around school? We have one upstairs (that you can see from the playground) and the other is in Pine class.