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Our Spring 2 term topic is... 


How can we rediscover the wonders of Ancient Egypt?

We have been learning about mummification in Ancient Egypt, so today we copied the mummification process to mummify tomatoes! We had to add natron (salt and bicarbonate of soda) to the tomatoes after scooping out all of the insides, and then wrapped them up. We also added amulets to our tomatoes too.

Our Spring term topic is... 

What makes the earth angry?

Year 3 used digital mapping to locate the world’s volcanoes. From this, we discovered that most of the volcanoes are on the edge of tectonic plates.

After painting and decorating our volcanoes to make them more realistic, today we learnt all about what happens when a volcano erupts. We then made our volcanoes erupt to see how this looked in action!

Today we made the structure of our own volcanoes! We used newspapers and bottles to create the base for our volcanoes.

Our Autumn term topic is... 

Who first lived in Britain?

Year 3 designed and made our own clay pots inspired by bell beakers which people created in the Bronze Age!

Year 3 found out all about Stonehenge and learned how this shows us evidence of how the earliest humans lived. We decided why we thought Stonehenge was created. We then made our own mini versions of Stonehenge!

Take a look at our amazing cave painting display!

Cave Paintings: We turned all of the lights off and went underneath our tables so that we could paint like real Neolithic people in caves!