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Plants delivering Nutrition Experiment

We carried out an experiment on how plants deliver nutrition through the stem to the flower. We discussed the job of the roots and the stem and observed our findings. Some of the flowers did not dye as we had anticipated and we discussed that before putting these flowers in the water they perhaps had already gained their nutrition from being in the fresh water and therefore didn't need to take up any of the water with dye. When we revisited this idea we found that it was true and a plant that had not been in water before took up the dyed water quickly and changed the colour of the petals as it traveled throughout the plant. 

Light Source Sorting

We have been sorting items into whether they are a source of light or not. We had a large discussion around whether the moon was a source of light. We concluded that as it does not provide it's own light but reflects light from the sun that it was not a source of light but a reflector. We discussed other items that would work similarly to the moon.