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Today in Maths, we discovered what fractions were and how they can be used in our everyday lives. We had to move around and find different people to create a group with to show different fractions based on the questions that were asked. Here are some examples of the fractions that we made:

Bus-Stop Method

Year 5 have been working very hard on a new method to help us divide numbers - the bus stop method. After practising the method this week, we did a Maths hunt in class. The children had to answer different word problems using the bus stop method, and then go and find the letter that the number matched to to unveil a word at the end. 

Line Graphs 

In Statistics, we have been learning all about line graphs. We conducted a class survey to ask the children in the class what month their birthday is in. After we had collected the data, we created a tally chart and then used this data to create our own line graph outside on the playground. Take a look at our class line graph below!