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In English we are currently reading... 



by Frank Cottrell Boyce

We use reading VIPERS to help with our reading recall and comprehension.

Instruction Writing (13.03.20)

We have recently designed our own Greek Demi-God. We created a God or Goddess that had a superpower, and then designed and made our Demi-God's weapon using plasticine. Whilst doing this, we wrote instructions to tell someone how to make the weapon. We thought about how to make our instructions more precise using adverbs and bossy verbs. 

Take a look at some of our creations below. 

Persuasive Leaflets (27.01.2020)


We have been investigating different persuasive leaflets to discover what we should include in our own persuasive writing. Class 5 have been considering how we can persuade our readers to visit New York!

Spring Term (06.01.2020)

For the next few weeks, our English work will be focused around a video from Literacy Shed, which features the journey of two houses in America. We will be looking at personification, speech and other language features to bring our own houses to life. 

To watch the video at home, click the link below. 




Today we joined our reading buddies from Year 1 in our Winter Wonderland. The children enjoyed sharing lots of different stories and books with each other. We also helped the younger children write their letters to Santa. Both classes had a fantastic time together.