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Pupil Voice - Eco Council

 Greenfield Primary Eco Army


What does the Eco Team do?

The Eco Team meet regularly to think of ways to care for the environment and the world around us. Pupils in the Eco Team are passionate about ways in which they can make a difference. The Eco Team are working hard towards achieving Eco-badges for our school. 


Who is on the Eco Team?

Children from each class are on the Eco Team. They can be easily identified as they will be wearing an Eco Team badge. If you have any suggestions or comments about ways to care for the environment at our school speak to the team member in your class or to Miss Egan. 


Green flag award

As part of our work to obtain the Green Flag award, we recently worked together to complete an ‘Environmental Review’ of our school, during which we answered a range of questions to identify the main areas for improvement in school. After completing our Environmental Review, we created an Action Plan and chose 3 main areas as our focus for this year:


Our 3 main aims are:

A) WASTE: To encourage less waste in school

B)  SCHOOL GROUNDS/LITTER: To conduct regular litter picking on school grounds and update the grounds to make more use of the space.

C) GOLBAL CITIZENSHIP: To learn more about world wide  Economical issues.

The Eco Team have been getting ready for their ’Relove pop up shop.’ Thank you for all your donations. We have enjoyed sorting the clothes ready to recycle them during the first week back.

Litter pick up

Eco day

On Wednesday 15th January we held our first ever Eco Day. The children came to school dressed in green and yellow to help raise money for the wildlife of Australia affected by the bush fires. Throughout the day the children learnt about Eco issues such as global warming, climate change and pollution and each class took part in a competition to design an Eco poster. The children all had a brilliant day and we raised £85 that was sent to WIRES, an Australian charity that rescues and cares for native animals affected by the fires. 

Eco Day