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Subject Leader: Miss M. Beardmore


History Overview
At Greenfield Primary School, we will help all children to develop an understanding of time, place, people and events through the effective teaching and learning of the knowledge skills and understanding of history. We will use the National Curriculum History Guidelines as the basis for our scheme of work and we will make meaningful links with the other subjects of the curriculum. Our aim is to ignite a curiosity to learn about the past that will help children understand who they are and how their environment and the world has changed over time.

History Policy

Our School Curriculum Map

History Progression Grid

Black History Week

At Greenfield Primary School, we celebrated Black History Week in October this year. Each class enjoyed learning more about the contributions of different important figures in Black History and the work they have done to inspire so many people around the world, from Barack Obama to Martin Luther King.  


Here's a picture of just some of the fantastic art work created by children from Nursery all the way up to Year 6!

Local area week


Every year, each class at Greenfield Primary School learns all about our local area. Every class is given a different focus (with either a History or Geography focus) and considers why this part of the local area is important. Some of the things children learn about are: the various villages in Saddleworth, Pots and Pans, local canals and Whit Friday.