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Gardening Club

🌱Gardening Club 2023-24🌱


Gardening Club is run by Miss Wade and takes place every Wednesday after school 3:15- 4pm.



At Greenfield Primary School, we are proud to be a Royal Horticultural Society Gardening School. We have achieved Level 2 of the RHS Gardening Awards through our work with our school and the wider community of Greenfield. 

Keep an eye on this page for up-to-date information about our wonderful garden!

Royal Horticultural School Gardening Awards


So far, we are extremely grateful to have been awarded Level 2 from the RHS in recognition of our commitment to gardening. To have achieved this, we have met the following criteria:

  • Our garden is accessible to all regardless of ability,
  • We understand the benefits of gardening,
  • We have a whole-school approach to gardening where we take on everyone's ideas,
  • We have learned new gardening skills,
  • and we use gardening to support our wellbeing.


Because of the cold weather recently, we have been making use of our ability to sow indoors. In order to see the process of germination, we have planted some cress. We look forward to harvesting our cress and having some tasty snacks!

Getting ready for Spring!

We have been raking the soil in our planters and getting rid of the weeds so our new plants have the best chance to grow healthy and strong. We talked about how worms are good for our soil, making it rich in nutrients.

Raising Awareness for Polio Disease💜


We have been working alongside Saddleworth Rotary Club to raise awareness of Polio Disease. We planted purple crocuses as children who receive the Polio vaccination have their little finger dipped in purple dye. The colour purple represents the commitment to irradicating Polio Disease. 

What have we done so far?


We have been very busy in Gardening Club! Before we could get started with the planting, we had to harvest last year's crops: pumpkins, potatoes, sweetcorn, and peas!


We have planted a variety of different bulbs: perennial plants which will bloom year-on-year, crocuses, and onions. As part of this, we have discussed the life cycle of bulbs and have compared their life cycles to seeds. 


We have also been able to use The Woodland Trust tree identification key and have explored our school grounds and all the trees we have growing here.

Our Plans for the Future...

To make our garden part of our community, we created a questionnaire asking our fellow pupils and their families what they would like to see us do as gardening club. Our aims going forward are to:

  • Create bug hotels,
  • Grow strawberries and raspberries,
  • Grow carrots and other vegetables, 
  • and plant wildflowers to attract bees.