Greenfield Primary School

Welcome to Greenfield Primary School.


This week, we will be learning about:

Number and Place Value


Next week, we will be learning about:

Written Methods


Throughout the summer term, we will be learning about the following areas in our maths lessons:


- Number and Place Value

- Fractions

- Number Problems

- Written Methods

- Shape

- Statistics

- Measurement 

During today's lesson, we looked at the properties of 3D shapes and how we can create our own 3D shapes using nets

Times Tables

Here are some of the times tables songs we have been working on in class together. 

3 Times Tables

Don't forget to practise your 3 times tables at home.

4 Times Tables

Learning our tables through song!

8 Times Tables

Have Fun Learning your Eights!

9 Times Tables Song

Fun & Easy to Learn Multiplication!

11 Times Tables

Have Fun Learning!