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Star Mathematician:


for coming 7th place in the school for the NSPCC Rocks competition! Great work Lenai!


Maths Shed Leader:


Sorting fractions as decimals when using tenths.

We have been learning to add and subtract 3 digit numbers and ones crossing 10 and 100. We used place value grids and counters to help us find the answers.

Decimal Place Value Song | Tenths and Hundredths

Decimal Place Value Song | Tenths and Hundredths

Improper Fractions and Mixed Numbers by Shmoop

Meet our gang of fraction friends: proper fractions, improper fractions, and mixed numbers. Learn how to convert improper fractions to and from mixed number...

Fractions-Fractions Song

fractionsong #songsforteachers #mathsongThis one's about simple fractions- they're parts of a whole! Have your students sing about halves, thirds, quarters,...

Place Value Song | Ones, Tens, and Hundreds

Keep practicing what we have been learning in class this week - to partition and group hundreds, tens and ones and also know that ten ones make ten, ten tens make one hundred and ten hundreds make one thousand.

Number Sentences Song

Think about what the question is asking you with worded problems

Doubles Doubles Dancing Doubles (A song about number doubles)

Even and Odd Numbers Song

4 Times Tables

3 Times Tables

2 Times Tables

5 Times Tables

10 Times Tables

Hey 20 You've got a lot of friends (The Friends of 20) Album version

A fun song about the addition combinations of 20. Buy Rocking Dan music videos from 20 has...