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Class 1

Welcome to Class 1!


Miss Cassinelli

Mrs Bottomley


Please have a look below to see what we have been learning about.

Tuesday 2nd April 2019- Today we had our Easter Bonnet Parade and lots of parents and carers came to watch us in the hall. We were so excited and really enjoyed makig our bonnets.

Thursday 7th March 2019 - Today, the whole school celebrated World Book Day. Our theme was 'Bedtime Stories' and we all came to school dressed in our pyjamas. 

We did our Readathon where we read and enjoyed a selection of stories for a whole hour. 

We then got into groups and used story cards to create our own short stories and voted for our favourite story.


The stories we created are as follows and Group 5 were the winners! Well done!


Group 1

At the Venya, Chef Shane was very busy making a yummy roast dinner. Mr Davies was walking through the town in the snow and could smell Chef Shane’s scrumptious roast dinner. Mr Davies took a seat in the restaurant and ate lots of the warm mashed potato, Yorkshire puddings, beef, carrots and peas.

Suddenly, a naughty pigeon flew on top of Mr Davies’ dinner and began to eat it. The pigeon was flying all around the restaurant.

Chef Shane and Mr Davies thought of a plan to get the pigeon out.

Step 1- Get a cage.

Step 2- Put some food in the cage.

Step 3- When the naughty pigeon came to eat it, shut the door.

They caught the pigeon and set it free outside. The pigeon played happily in the snow.




Group 2

One day goldfish was reading a book about animals. This book was about a puppy called Max. One day Max went into the shop and he ate too many sweets and chocolates. He got a bad stomach ache and had to go to the vet for a check up.


When he was crossing the road on his way there he saw a road safety sign. It was a cloudy day and no sunshine. The vet checked Max’s tummy. He said that Max had eaten too many sweets and chocolate and not to eat as many next time.




Group 3

Once upon a time there was a little boy called Max who was five years old. One sunny day Max was skipping in his garden. Suddenly a mean, scary bee stung Max on his leg.”Ouch”, cried Max. Max ran quickly into his kitchen and got a wet paper towel and put it on his leg.

“Dad, help!” Shouted Max.” I’ve been stung by a fierce bee”. “Don’t worry Max the water will help and the pain will soon stop” said Dad.

The next day the pain in Max’s leg was still there so dad went to the shops and bought Max a surprise present (a Teddy Bear). Dad brought it home and gave it to Max.

“Thank you dad I love it, I’m going to call him Jack, and I’m going to sleep with him every night”. The next morning Max’s leg felt lots better.




Group 4

Once upon a time, there lived a 6 year old boy called Shaun. He was a cheerful little boy with brown hair. He lived in a beautiful mansion with a big, red door and huge green bushes surrounded it.

One glorious, sunny day, Shaun was walking home from school when he spotted a dog out of the corner of his eye. The dog followed him home and Shaun didn’t realise he was being followed. When Shaun went upstairs he was so surprised!!

The dog had sneaked in and jumped onto his bed and covered it in mud. Shaun was so angry and he opened the front door and shouted at the dog” Go away!” He screamed. The dog was so upset and just wanted to make it better and have a home.

The next day, the sun was shining and when Shaun opened his door, the dog was holding a basket of bedding. Shaun realised the bedding was bright pink, he burst into laughter. The dog licked him.” I think I’ll call you Mucky”, he said.

They lived happily ever after.




Group 5- WINNERS!

Chloe- May was going to the stables to muck out and feed her precious horse Chestnut. As she was leaving the house her mum shouted to her” Chloe make sure you take your phone with you in case I need you or you need to call me”. “Yes, mum I will take it with me, see you later mum”. She said as the front door slammed shut.

It was a very windy day when Chloe left her house. She saw that Grumpy Gordon Ghost was walking next to her. They walked past the park and as they passed the entrance, grumpy Gordon Ghost ran through the gate (giggling and laughing). Chloe had to run after him as she knew he was going to get up to no good. She was worried about getting to the stables and sorting out Chestnut but knew Grumpy Gordon would be up to no good and she had to save him from trouble!

As Chloe entered the park, her phone began to ring. She pulled it out of her pocket thinking it was her mum. BUT the phone wasn’t ringing, in fact it was glowing every colour of the rainbow. This could mean only one thing... Her next adventure was just about to begin!



Today, Year 1 enjoyed their Christmas party. We played games, ate party food and a surprise visit from Father Christmas!!


This week we are performing our Christmas show entitled: 

'How Christmas Came to Be'.

We have really enjoyed practising our performance and look forward to performing it on stage for a full audience.

Don't we all look fabulous in our costumes?!


We would like to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

From Miss Cassinelli, Mrs Bottomley and all of Year One!

Year 1 had a visit from the police!


Today PC Lee and PCSO Lee visited our class to talk about how to keep safe. They showed us lots of different equipment that they use and answered lots of questions. It was very exciting and we really enjoyed it. 

Year 1 would like to say a huge thank you for coming and for giving us some police note pads to make notes on.



Today, both staff and pupils dressed as though we were from the 1930s and 1940s to mark the 100 year anniversary of Armistice and the end of World War I. Throughout the week, the children have taken part in a number of activities, including making our own class poppy wreath, making ration hooks and war medals. The children have really enjoyed learning all about the World War!