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Home Learning

Over the next week there will be optional daily activities uploaded for your child to complete. It would be great to see some of your work on Tapestry. Looking forward to seeing you all very soon, Rebecca.

Monday 12th July 

Today's learning challenges:

  • Use the attached This is Me poster to draw yourself. You might want to draw all the things you do and eat to keep yourself growing big and strong.
  • Write or draw a shopping list of healthy foods you like or would like to try. Maybe next time you go shopping you could take your list with you, see if you can find your healthy foods and help your grown-up to choose them and pay for them. You could even carry them home and prepare them.
  • Rest and relaxation is an important part of being healthy. Why not try one of the Cosmic Kids yoga sessions below


Looking forward to seeing you all later this week!

Betsy the Banana | A Cosmic Kids Yoga Adventure!

Apples & Bananas | Super Simple Songs

Friday 9th July

Today's learning challenges:

  • Join our group time at 10am and enjoy seeing your friends and teachers
  • Watch the story Oliver's Fruit Salad.
  • Colour a fruit poster
  • Prepare/bake/cook something fruity. Ideas include smoothies, fruit kebabs, fruit salad, flapjacks and ice lollies. You have all weekend to have a go at this one incase one!

Oliver's Fruit Salad | A Read Aloud Storybook For Kids About Healthy Eating

Thursday 8th July 

Today's learning challenges:

  • Food I spy and count. The idea is to look closely at the page full of foods. Your child needs to count how many of each food they can see and record their totals. Your child can record their total in dots or numerals depending on whether they are able to recognise and form their numerals.
  • Identifying Vegetables. This is another interactive game on Cbeebies Global.
  • Limbo dancing! This was an activity planned for Nursery today. Play the music on the video below, transform your broom or mop handle into a limbo stick. Hold the stick at different heights and encourage your child to move in different ways without touching the stick! Another fun form of exercise!


Wednesday 7th July

Today's Challenges are:

  • Help Peter Rabbit count his vegetables, fruit and nuts. Your child may be able to tell you how many he would have if one was eaten/one more grew. They may want to record the numbers in a list.
  • Exercise is very important for keeping healthy. Football is a great form of exercise. With it being the Euro 21 semi finals tonight, I have uploaded some football design sheets for your child to colour, draw, paint or collage. If you do not have a printer at home, you could draw around a plate to make your football outline. 
  • If you have a football at home, I would love to see a video of your football skills. Why not try kicking, dribbling, throwing catching and if you are feeling brave you might try a header!
  • See the phonics tab below for some phonics games and videos for your child too.

Tuesday 6th July

Today's challenges are:

  • Exercise indoors- take a look at some of the physical development activities taken from Tapestry's ideas for parents.
  • Make a healthy lunchbox. Older children can do this independently as a cutting and sticking activity. Guide them to think of which foods are healthy/unhealthy and why. We have discussed having lots of healthy foods and a little treat as part of a balanced diet. 

Monday 5th July

Today's challenges are:

  • Painting with fruit and veg. This is a messy one- note I did say these ideas are optional! This activity could be done with most fruit and veg. Some ideas include apples, oranges, potatoes, peppers and broccolli.
  • Sorting fruits and veg into correct categories- this can be done practically with real or toy food or as a cutting and sticking activity using the uploaded document.
  • Fruit salad addition. You can make this easier for younger children using the fruit and veg used above for a simple naming/counting activity. Try showing your child a variety of fruit and veg and ask them to give you one, two or three.

The Healthy Eating Song