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Welcome to Reception's class page.

Please visit our class page each term and see what the children in Reception have been working on within class.


Young Writers - My First Riddle


We are so proud of the children in our Reception class. The children wrote for the competition along with other Reception classes all over the UK. Their riddles were so good that they have been chosen to be published in an anthology! Each child received a 'Talent for Writing' certificate, a sticker and a bookmark, and will soon see their name in print! 

Young Writers Competition

Young Writers Competition 1

Teeth brushing

Teeth brushing 1
Teeth brushing 2
Teeth brushing 3
Teeth brushing 4
Teeth brushing 5
Teeth brushing 6

Potion making


Today we made potions! We used goblin dribble, unicorn dandruff and fairy dust to name a few of the ingredients. The potion bubbled and fizzed, we loved it!


Potions 1
Potions 2
Potions 3
Potions 4
Potions 5
Potions 6
Potions 7
Potions 8

How to Grow a Dinosaur

How to Grow a Dinosaur 1

Growing a Dinosaur Land

We got inspiration from our recent book, "How to Grow a Dinosaur" and decided that we would like to be like Albie and grow our own dinosaur land! In the book, Albie throws some seeds that look like jellybeans into the grass and whilst he slept a dinosaur land grew! So we did the same....


You'll never guess what happened next...


A whole dinosaur land grew! We had to climb around jungle tree trunks, swing from vines and cross over sludgy rivers, being careful not to get bitten by strange bugs! We felt smooth and prickly leaves, saw colourful creatures and heard... DINOSAURS! We then had to get back into the classroom quick! Have a look through our pictures if you don't believe us...

Exploring the creative area (children's own ideas)

Exploring the creative area (children's own ideas) 1 An alien family
Exploring the creative area (children's own ideas) 2 A vanilla ice cream
Exploring the creative area (children's own ideas) 3 A red car
Exploring the creative area (children's own ideas) 4 A handbag
Exploring the creative area (children's own ideas) 5 A sunshine
Exploring the creative area (children's own ideas) 6 A car
Exploring the creative area (children's own ideas) 7 Mars
Here is just a small sample of some of the wonderful creations the children have made in Reception since returning to school in Summer 2. These are independent and the children have decided what they would like to do, following their own interests.

Chick This Out!

Chick This Out! 1



We have been super busy with some lovely little visitors in our classroom this week!

We started off with the eggs in the incubator, already learning and using new vocabulary. We also learnt about why this heated box is so important for them. We discussed what we would like to learn about the chicks and we will review at the end of the two weeks whether we now know the answers to these questions. We also predicted how many eggs would hatch!

We were then very excited on day 2 as we were able to see one of the chicks straight after hatching whilst we were at school! When the second chick hatched after school, we filmed this and shared it with the children on the interactive whiteboard the next morning. They were fascinated by this process and every time the crack got bigger there were lots of excited squeals! :) (Unfortunatey this video file was too big to upload onto the website but I'm sure that the children can tell you all about it!).

We had fun learning some chicken songs and dances, then making up our own dance moves for the songs too!

Because the chicks change so quickly, it was important for us to keep a chick journal about all of the observations we are making. We have done our first entry from seeing them as eggs and we are keeping up to date with writing each significant change in the journal.

We have also written invitations for the other classes to come and see the chicks, as well as rules to remind anyone who comes to visit them about what they should and shouldn't do to take the best care of them. 

We were lucky enough to get some sunny days in which we could do some lovely chick paintings outside. 

The ipads were a great way of us showing off our photography skills! We have taken pictures of the chicks using the ipad and these pictures are stuck in our learning journies.

We know that taking care of the chicks is very important and have taken turns to give the chicks food and water, and later in the week we will be learning how to clean them out too.

We have held the chicks and discussed the similarities and differences between ourselves and our feathered friends! 

All of the challenges around our classroom have been related to the chicks too, to further expand our learning. We have even made chicks out of the lego blocks!

As you can see, we have been very busy and learning a great amount about these wonderful creatures. Have a look through our pictures to see how much we have enjoyed this experience.

Independent chick writing and reading

Still image for this video
One of the children chose to write about what she had done with the chicks and observed that day...

We had a fantastic day at Cannon Hall Farm and did so much!

First of all we were treated to a race, but not just any race, a ferret race! We then had a talk all about the Meerkats and learnt that they stand on their hind legs to keep a look out for any danger whilst their family are eating/playing. We then got to see another race, this time it was a sheep race! We were given a ticket each and if our colour sheep won, we had to listen very carefully in case the number on our ticket was read out.... and one of our tickets won! We were very excited. After the sheep race we explored a few more of the animals. Soon, it was time for lunch. We were very hungry by then and lunch went down well!

After lunch, we had a talk from one of the farmers who told us all about the pigs. We then got to feed some of the other animals by dropping some pellets through a tube and turning the handle. The animals came running over as soon as they heard the wheels churning! After that, we got to stroke a giant rabbit and a guinea pig. They were lovely and soft!

We made our way over to see the lambs and a goat popped up to say hello to us! (See if you can find him in our pictures!) We just had enough time to play in the playground and then head back to the coach. After a fun-filled day, we were happy to relax and enjoy the journey home.  


Subtraction 1
Subtraction 2
Subtraction 3

We are enjoying exploring subtraction in Reception at the moment, and have especially enjoyed finding the answer to our number sentences by playing subtraction smash! If you would like to play this at home, follow these instructions:

1. Download and print a playdough smash mat (put it inside a plastic wallet if you would like to reuse it).

2. Make some playdough.

3. Think of a subtraction number sentence (e.g. 7-3) and split the playdough into the biggest amount (7 in this example).

4. Smash the number you are subtracting (3...squash them down!) and look at the number of playdough balls you have left. This is your answer! 

5. Play again with a different number sentence.

Farm animals and where they live

Farm animals and where they live 1
Farm animals and where they live 2
We are excited to go to the farm soon and have been showing this in different ways during our independent learning time. One of our challenges is to build a farm out of the materials in the construction area, and another is to mix the paint until we make pink for the pigs!

Three Little Pigs

Three Little Pigs 1
Three Little Pigs 2
Three Little Pigs 3
We started working on the story of the Three Little Pigs recently, specifically looking at the describing words for the materials we see in the story. We explored real straw, sticks and bricks and came up with describing words for these. We then had the opportunity during our choosing time to read these words and match them up to the correct material.

Creative learning

Creative learning 1
Although we have challenges for the children to complete around the classroom, we also encourage children to explore their own interests and fascinations. For example, this child has made a fantastic key chain all by herself by using the materials we had in the creative area. Well done!

Road Safety Talks

Road Safety Talks 1
Road Safety Talks 2
Road Safety Talks 3
Road Safety Talks 4
Road Safety Talks 5
Stop - Look - Listen - Think! We had visitors into our classroom to talk to us all about keeping safe by roads, we even tried out a dance to remember the main points! We learnt a lot - just ask us about it! :)

Reverend Barbara

Reverend Barbara 1
Reverend Barbara 2
Reverend Barbara 3
Reverend Barbara 4
Reverend Barbara 5
Reverend Barbara 6
We were welcomed back to school after the Easter break by a lovely visit from Reverend Barbara. She taught us all about baptism and answered all of the questions we had. Thank you for coming to see us!

Easter Bonnet Parade

Easter Bonnet Parade 1
Easter Bonnet Parade 2
Easter Bonnet Parade 3
Easter Bonnet Parade 4
Easter Bonnet Parade 5
Easter Bonnet Parade 6
Easter Bonnet Parade 7
Easter Bonnet Parade 8
Easter Bonnet Parade 9
We had lots of fun showing off our creative side for our Easter Bonnet Parade. Thank you everyone for getting involved and making this a memorable day!

World Book Day

World Book Day 1
We had a lot of fun on World Book Day! We came to school in our pyjamas and shared our favourite bedtime stories as a class, in partners, and even joined up with another class in the school too! 


Adding 1
Adding 2
Adding 3
We have been working hard on our adding skills in lots of different ways! We have added using objects, on our fingers, using dice, using number lines, using pictures... you name it, we've done it! Maybe you could find some examples of things to add at home...

Little Red Riding Hood

Little Red Riding Hood 1
Little Red Riding Hood 2
Little Red Riding Hood 3
Little Red Riding Hood 4
Little Red Riding Hood 5
Little Red Riding Hood 6
Little Red Riding Hood 7
Little Red Riding Hood 8
Little Red Riding Hood 9
We have carried on our learning about Traditional Tales with the story of Little Red Riding Hood. We are working on learning the story so well that we can begin to write it too! However, it's not only retelling and writing the story that we are working on... take a look at our pictures to see how else we have delved into this traditional tale!
During our science day, we had a great time in the Reception classroom getting extremely messy! We made monster slime and explored how this slime could act like both a liquid (runny) and a solid (hard)! I think our favourite bit was all the mess we made.... 

Science day

Science day 1
Science day 2
Science day 3
Science day 4
Science day 5
Science day 6
At our Comic Relief assembly, the children did a super job of standing in front of the rest of the school and singing the Disney classic, "You've Got a Friend in Me", including actions. Well done!

Comic Relief assembly

Comic Relief assembly 1
Comic Relief assembly 2
We have been enjoying our Traditional Tales topic and have been learning about Jack and the Beanstalk in a variety of ways... have a look at our pictures to see how we have been showing off all of the different ways that we can learn!

Jack and the Beanstalk

Jack and the Beanstalk 1 We have been doing some planting
Jack and the Beanstalk 2 We recorded changes in the growth over 2 weeks
Jack and the Beanstalk 3 We used our senses to explore other plants
Jack and the Beanstalk 4 We created 3d pictures
Jack and the Beanstalk 5 The castle at the top of the beantsalk!
Jack and the Beanstalk 6 We used the blocks to create the giant's castle
Jack and the Beanstalk 7 "We worked together to build the giant's castle!"
Jack and the Beanstalk 8 We ordered and retold the story
Jack and the Beanstalk 9 We threaded our own beanstalks!
Jack and the Beanstalk 10 We threaded our own beanstalks!
Jack and the Beanstalk 11 We made the giant's castle in the craft area
Jack and the Beanstalk 12 We explored which sounds matched the characters
Jack and the Beanstalk 13 The big drum sounded like giant's footsteps!
Jack and the Beanstalk 14 We played our instruments in a rhythm.
Jack and the Beanstalk 15 We retold the story of Jack and the Beanstalk
Jack and the Beanstalk 16 We used the story map and actions to do this
We have been working on our gross motor skills in Reception, building those muscles for big movements! We had a lot of fun doing this too... We had target practise using the giant skittles and a ball, and threw the duck into the hoop. We've got some future athletes on our hands! 

Target practise

Target practise 1
Target practise 2
Target practise 3
Target practise 4

Reception had a visit from the Police


PC Lee and PCSO Lee came to visit Reception to talk about how to keep safe. The children really enjoyed their visit from the police and were very excited to look at the different equipment used by the police. It was very exciting to see the police car too! Reception would like to say a big thank you to PC Lee and PCSO Lee for their visit to our class and for the notepads that were given to Reception to make notes.

Children in Need 


On Friday 16th November, children at Greenfield Primary School came to school with 'crazy hair' and dressed in something spotty to celebrate Children in Need. We think that the children in Reception looked fantastic with their 'crazy hair.'

World War 1 Week


In Reception we joined the rest of the school and celebrated the First World War Centenary. Miss Bradley linked all of our sessions (including phonics and mathematics) to the First World War. We impressed all of the adults in our class with our understanding of World War 1.


Please take a look at our photographs and see what work we completed throughout the week.