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Our current Science topic is... 


Earth and Space

Will we ever send another human to the moon?


Today in Science, we learnt all about how the Solar System works. We discovered that our Solar System is heliocentric, which means that the sun is at the centre of it and all of the planets orbit it. We then learned how far away each planet was from the sun. To help us to picture this, we measured the distance using toilet roll. One sheet of toilet roll was the equivalent of 57 million km! Have a look at what we discovered. 



Can you feel the force?


Today, we learnt all about air resistance and how it works against gravity. We discussed how parachutes can create more air resistance to slow down objects that are falling. Year 5 had a competition to see who could make the best parachutes. Every group was given the same weighted object to drop, and had to create their own parachute to slow down the fall. We then watched each other's creations and timed everyone's to see how long it took!


Today in Science, Year 5 learnt all about gravity. We found out that gravity is a pulling force discovered by Isaac Newton, and learnt how the weight of an object can be measured in Newtons using Newton Meters. We selected different objects and weighed each one using a forcemeter to discover how much each one weighed. 

Our topic in Autumn term was... 


Properties of Materials 

Could you be the next CSI investigator?


This week in Science, we have been learning all about thermal insulation. Year 5 discovered that some materials are better insulators than others, which means that they don't allow heat to escape. 

We put different materials to the test to see which one would be the best insulator. We wrapped ice cubes in different materials and then left them for 20 minutes. Throughout the experiment, we observed our ice cubes carefully to see which material would keep the ice cube frozen for the longest!