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How can we rediscover the wonders of Ancient Egypt?

Today we learnt all about the mummification process and why the Ancient Egyptians believed it was so important. We then took turns acting out the methods they would have used, making sure we followed the steps in order.

Embalming Tomatoes

We have been working as Ancient Embalmers and completing the process on a tomato that would have been done on ancient Pharaohs. We used 'Nile water' and 'natron salts' to complete the process. 


After two weeks, we found that our embalmed tomatoes did preserve better than the tomato that had not been embalmed at all but they were still not perfectly preserved. However, the orange that we had embalmed and mummified seems to be exactly as we left it. We will be observing this throughout the rest of this year and seeing if the orange inside begins to shrink to confirm that the mummification has succeeded. 

Designing Canopic Jars

We have been designing canopic jars which we will be making into clay next week. Watch this space for further pictures....