Greenfield Primary School

Welcome to Greenfield Primary School.

Pine - Year 1

Welcome to Year 1! 

Miss Cassinelli


Week Commencing: 14.11.22 - Road Safety Week!

This week was Road Safety week. We designed posters, talked about crossing roads and discussed the safe ways of doing so when we went on our school trip and sang a song that is useful to remember when we are crossing roads with our families.


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18.11.22 - Rochdale Fire Museum

We had a fantastic day today on our school trip to Rochdale Fire Museum learning all about the Great Fire of London. We sat in a real fire engine and wore firefighter uniforms!

We had so much fun and learnt lots of new facts! 

Week Commencing 14.11.22 - Year 1 Bake Sale for Children in Need

As Year 1 are on our school trip on Friday, we baked biscuits earlier this week and had a bake sale in our classroom to raise money for Children in Need.

It was also Maths week this week and so during our baking session we talked in detail about weighing ingredients using scales and identified what equipment is needed for which part of the baking process.

We had so much fun and the biscuits were delicious!

21.10.22 - Spooky Day!

Today, we had lots of fun celebrating Spooky day in school for Halloween! The children's costumes were all fantastic and they all tried their best to scare Miss Cassinelli! 

18.10.22 - This half term during our music lessons we have been discussing 'hip-hop'. We are very excited to share with you our performance of the hip-hop song 'Hey You'. Enjoy!


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10.10.22- Hello Yellow Day



Year 1 had so much fun and learnt lots at the Science workshop today to celebrate Science Day. Well done everyone!

London's Burning!

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Today, we started our first topic 'Who started the Great Fire of London?'. 

The children learnt about Samuel Pepys and how he kept a diary and buried his cheese to save it from burning in the fire. 

We talked about what we would save from our house if there was a fire and we could only save one item. Here are the children’s responses:


Matilda and Lucy - Books

Rowan, Jacob, Daisy, Harmony, Francesca and Arran - Teddies

Holly - Bed

Jasmine, Rosaleigh, Alfie H, Ethan and Haaniya- Toys

Lola- Football

Harry- Spiderman dress up costume

Frankie- Blanket

Jack H- Money

Annie and Lucas- Clothes

Jack B and Raffaello- Piggy Bank

Joshua- iPad

Imogen- Diary

Leia and Isabelle- Water

Alfie C- Boxing Gloves

Sebastian - Jiu-jitsu Figures

07.09.22- First PE lesson in Year 1

The children loved their first PE session! We played lots of games and worked on our fundamentals of movement skills and had lots of fun. Well done everyone!