Greenfield Primary School

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Reading at Home

Your child will be read with by one of their teachers in the first two weeks back at school and will be sent home with a book and new reading record. 


All children will get a book sent home in the first instance but after this it could be a book or a story set on Collins E Books. Please use the slip provided in the front of the reading record to tell us your preference of either a physical book, e book or a mixture of both being given and keep it attached to the reading record so that we can use this for future reference. 


Collins E Books will be used throughout the year therefore it is important that your child knows their login details for this in order to access the books. 


All children's usernames are:

USERNAME: UKGREENF(first initial)(surname)


Attached below is a parent guide for Collins E Books. 

You can get Collins E Books on a laptop, phone or tablet device and for most devices there is a free Collins E Book app that can be downloaded and used.