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Welcome to Greenfield Primary School.


Our first text for the summer term is Lila and the Secret of Rain. This text links nicely with our Topic on Kenya. We will be writing a diary entry in the role of Lila and an informal letter to grandad.


Lila, her family, their animals are all too hot. Their Kenyan Village has not had rain for far too long. The well has dried up, and the crops are failing. "Without water there can be no life".

Over the next couple of weeks, Maple class will be looking at the the short video 'Zahra' which is a link to our Topic. We are hoping to get get some fabulous journalistic writing from it.


Zahra spends all day collecting water in order to help her tree grow so she can get some shade. She travels back and forth to the water pump but to no avail. The tree wont grow. It's not until a bead of sweat falls on the roots that the tree springs forth and grows protectively in order to protect her from the sun.