Greenfield Primary School

Welcome to our new school website!!!


Each day, Pobble 365 upload a new image with various writing activities to get you thinking. These involve grammar activities, story writing and comprehension questions. 


Visit this website to access this resource:

Other writing ideas:

Each child has an exercise book in their learning packs which can be used to do any writing that interests you. This may include: 

  • Writing the next chapter of a book you're reading
  • Writing to the author of a book to tell them what you thought of it 
  • Writing a book review
  • Watch a film and write a film review
  • Watch an episode of a TV programme and create a comic strip of what might happen in the next episode 
  • Keeping a diary 
  • Writing a formal letter (e.g. to the Prime Minister/government)
  • Writing an informal letter (e.g. to friends or family)
  • Writing instructions (of any everyday activity or something more complex like baking instructions) 
  • Creating a leaflet or poster about a place 
  • Watch Newsround and write a newspaper article based on one of the stories on there 


I have added a couple of 2do's on Purple Mash where you could complete some of these activities if you wish. This includes writing a book review, writing a letter to a book character and writing instructions.