Greenfield Primary School

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Times Tables 

This year is an important year for the children in terms of their times tables knowledge. They will be sitting the statutory Multiplication Check Test in the summer term which will test their ability to recall times table facts up to the 12x tables. 

In preparation for this, I will be encouraging the children to logon to TTRockstars as much as possible. The soundcheck game on TTRockstars best reflects the actual Multiplication Check so I will be asking the children to play a soundcheck as much as possible. 

We will also do daily activities to practise our times tables including playing games and learning times table songs. 




Our maths focus this half term will be Place Value. It is important that the children have a firm grasp of basic number skills and number recognition up to 4 digits. We will be continuing to use White Rose Maths to support our maths lessons.