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Can you feel the force?

Year 5's current Science topic is all about Forces! Keep an eye on this page to see what we are learning about in our Science lessons.


Today in Science, Year 5 were learning all about the pushing force Water Resistance. We learned how objects in water are slowed down by water resistance, however if they were more streamlined then less water resistance would hit them. 

We designed and created our own boats to see which shape boat would be able to float in water and would be the fastest. 

Here are some pictures of us making our boats:

Once we had made our boats, we then put them to the test in water. We investigated the force of water resistance and noticed how, if a boat was more streamlined and was pointy at the front, it would travel faster in water. 


Today in Science we were learning all about air resistance and the effect it has on falling objects. Year 5 discovered that air resistance was a pushing force, working against gravity to slow falling objects down. 

We designed, created and tested our own parachutes, measuring how the surface area of a parachute affected how fast an object would fall! 


Today we started our new Forces topic, and learnt all about gravity. Year 5 discovered that Isaac Newton discovered gravity after watching an apple fall from a tree and wondering how everything fell to the ground. 

We learned how gravity was a pulling force, and pulled us to the centre of the Earth. 

We tested gravity using force meters, and hooked different objects onto our force meters to measure the objects' weight in Newtons.