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Reading at home

Reading records will be sent home on Friday and are required back into school on Wednesday at the latest in order to read with every child and change their books.

Supporting your child with reading at home


Your child will be sent home with a reading book that is closely matched to their reading development. Please support your child to read their book as independently as possible. If they get stuck on a word, you can sound it out with them, or tell them the word and make a note of the difficulty in their reading record. Many books give inside-cover guidance to help you talk to your child about the book. It is also a good idea to read the book more than once to build up familiarity with different words. 


Reluctant Readers!


Top tips to develop a love of reading in your child:

  • Make it fun! Ask your child to draw their favourite character, reenact their favourite part of a book together, visit a library, dress up, or even reenact front covers.
  • Have a giggle! Allow your child to read funny stories.
  • Tap into their interests! If your child likes video games, find books about video games. If a book is about something they already love they are more likely to read it.
  • Let them choose! Allow your child to select their own book, this could be at a local library or a book shop. Find time to share this book together and ask questions about what the book is about.
  • Mix it up! You could listen to part of a book as an audiobook whilst in the car together and read the next chapter as the physical copy.


Greenfield Library


Greenfield Library is located at Chew Vale OL3 7EQ. Taking children to libraries can be a really engaging way to develop their love of reading. Greenfield Library also offers a range of events over the year.


Monday: Closed

Tuesday: 2pm - 5pm

Wednesday: 2pm - 7pm

Thursday: 2pm - 7pm

Friday: 9:30-1pm

Saturday: 9:30- 1pm

Sunday: Closed

Recommended Books for Year 3