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A New Half Term!

Please keep checking Purple Mash and Spelling Shed to keep up to date with emails and weekly activities to be completed. 


This half term your topic is all about your LOCAL AREA.

We are going to set you weekly activities to complete about your topic which you can then share with us on Tapestry. These activities will be set on the class webpage every Monday and should be completed and uploaded before the following week.


We are also setting a very exciting project for you and your family to take part in!

As the topic focus is your local area, we would like you to get plenty of fresh air and take lots of walks around your local area. Make sure you take note of the different landmarks and buildings as you will need to be familiar with these for your project!



Your challenge is to film your local area and all the different surroundings and buildings etc that it holds. You are then going to produce an information video about your local area.

Let's imagine Boris and Bernard want a tour around your local area.

Here are some questions you might want to think about discussing in your video.

Where is your favourite place?

What is there to do in your local area?

Does your local area have a park?

Is it in the countryside or the city?

Please also involve your family in your video and you may even wish to interview them with some questions.

You can look at the video created below all about London to help you.


You have the whole half term to complete this project so take your time and include as much as you can! We can't wait to see your videos on Tapestry.

Weekly Topic Activities: 

Week Commencing: 20.04.2020

Can you draw and colour a map of your local area on a piece of paper and try to label it? Use your Phonics knowledge to help you sound out words.

Week Commencing: 27.04.2020

Can you draw a picture of your favourite place in your local area and write a few sentences describing this place. Tell us why you like it, who you go with and what you usually do when you are there. Remember to use lots of adjectives (describing words) and don't forget to sing the song with the actions to help you write your sentences:

"Capital letter, full stop and don't forget your finger spaces."

Week Commencing: 04.05.2020

Your challenge this week is to build your own model of Greenfield Primary School.

You can use any materials and be as creative as you like.

Here are some examples of materials to use:

playdough, paints, cake, lego, cardboard, paper/card etc.

We can't wait to see your finished models! Enjoy!

Week Commencing: 11.05.2020

Today, I had a phone call from someone and apparently Dora the Explorer is planning to visit Greenfield soon! How exciting is that?! She doesn't know anything about Greenfield at all so I said we would all make lots of posters advertising the exciting places for her to visit, see and the activities she can do while she is in Greenfield. I will then send her your posters once they have been uploaded to Tapestry along with the maps you made a few weeks ago. She will love them!

Week Commencing: 18.05.2020

If you could build or design anything you wanted in your local area, what would you choose? Can you design it on a piece of paper first and then build/junk model it?

Here are our own ideas:

Miss Cassinelli would like to build a farm she could walk to from her house.

Mrs Snape would like an ice cream parlour building in her local area.

Mrs Devy would like to build an old fashioned sweet shop on her street.

What will you build?