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Outdoor Learning

In Reception we love spending time in our outdoor area! We enjoy having the freedom to choose whether to learn indoors or outdoors. An adult always joins us in the outdoor area and therefore we have somebody who is able to enhance our learning further. There is always an adult led activity as well as many other resources which allow us to create our own learning opportunities.


Please take a look at our photographs and videos and see what fun we have been having outside!

End of Autumn Term 1


Our children continue to have lots of fun in the outdoor area. The children select their own resources and equipment and work together as a team. 


The following group of children wanted to make a slide for the ducks. They wanted the ducks to be able to get from one water tray to another. As a team they used various pieces of equipment to build a slide in which the ducks would travel along. 

The children soon realised that the ducks did not move on their own and therefore they had to think of something extra. The children started to add water to the slide and this allowed for the ducks to move along.


The adults sat back and observed and we were very impressed at how well they worked as a team. Each child had their own ideas, yet they managed to agree with one another and made a fantastic slide for the ducks! smiley



Over the past couple of weeks we have spent lots of time in the outdoor area. This includes on sunny days, windy days and even rainy days! The children in Reception love to spend time outdoors and therefore we like to make sure that we are well prepared for any type of weather!

The children have loved getting on their waterproofs, finding a pair of wellies and splashing in the puddles in our outdoor area!