Greenfield Primary School

Welcome to Greenfield Primary School.


At Greenfield Primary School and Nursery we put Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening at the heart of everything that we do. We are committed to making sure that children are exposed to a range of texts around the school and in all areas of their learning. The teaching of reading and writing at our school complement one another and we encourage children to 'talk' their ideas for writing and their understanding of books as much as possible. 


Children at our school are taught towards a continuous cursive script in daily, discrete handwriting sessions. This begins right at Nursery where children will be forming their letters in a range of creative and wonderful ways. By Year 2, our children are encouraged to use a lead-in and lead-out which we build onto in Key Stage 2 by further practise of the horizontal and diagonal joins as well as break letters and looping descenders by year 5 and 6. 


Success with spelling is important for all children in our school. We believe in a balance between children practising and learning their spellings and spelling patterns, and checking their spellings by knowing where they can go for help if they are unsure (dictionary, spell-check, ask a friend, ask an adult, SPAG dictionary, word mat). We make excellent use of Spelling Shed to practise weekly spellings through a range of games.