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Sports Relief 2018

Thank you!


We would like to say a huge thank you to each child that has participated in Sports Relief 2018. It has been a very fun week and a very very active week. The staff at Greenfield Primary have enjoyed each afternoon as it has been a pleasure to watch all children have lots of fun and enjoy themselves as part of the whole school. We have had some healthy competition in our team challenges as well as observing some fantastic dancing towards the end of the week.


We would also like to say an even bigger thank you to the parents and carers of each child that has participated. You have supported school by providing your child with correct coloured clothing for their team as well as ensuring that they had comfortable dance clothes for the Danceathon.


The children at Greenfield Primary have managed to raise a total of £426.30 for Sports Relief. All money raised has been donated to Sports Relief.


We look forward to future sporting events and we are so excited to plan further activities whereby children can work in their teams.


Thank you for a wonderful week!


Friday 23rd March 2018


Today our children have participated in a Danceathon. The staff and children dressed up in their favourite dance outfits and from 9am - 3pm we had at least 1 child dancing in the hall/under the canopy. There has been LOTS of dancing through out the day and it was super to see the different dance moves from each individual. Some of the children enjoyed dancing on their own whilst others enjoyed dancing with a friend.

I think that some of the children even taught members of staff a few new dance moves :-) 

Thursday 22nd March 2018


What a brilliant afternoon it has been. The whole school from Nursery through to Year 6, (including staff) have demonstrated what fantastic dancing skills they have.


We began by warming up to a song that is usually loved by all children, Superman!

It was amazing to see how many children know the actions and how lovely of our older children to help some of the younger children.


Following on from this we danced to The Cha Cha Slide. 

Our year 6 children did a fantastic job of standing at the front and demonstrating the correct actions and movements to our younger children.


In order to finish off our afternoon of dancing we sat down in our house teams and joined in with the song Oops Upside Your Head.


It has been such a wonderful afternoon and we are amazed at how well the children know the actions to each of the songs. Once again it has been a lovely afternoon and we are very proud of each individual and how sensible they have been throughout our events this week.

Wednesday 21st March 2018


We worked in our House Teams today in order to complete a range of tasks and challenges. Each team began by standing in a circle and each member of the team took it in turns to do as many star jumps (as they wished) in the centre of their circle. The rest of the team counted the number of star jumps and this activity continued for around 15 minutes. At the end of the task, each team counted how many star jumps they managed to do in total.


Below identifies the number of star jumps each team managed during the 15 minute task.


White team - 986 star jumps

Black team - 750 star jumps

Grey team - 748 star jumps

Green team - 776 star jumps

Yellow team - 750 star jumps

Orange team - 871 star jumps

Red team - 632 star jumps

Pink team - 667 star jumps

Purple team - 946 star jumps

Blue team - 776 star jumps


We would like to say well done to all children that participated as each individual made a great contribution to their teams total.

Following on from our Star Jump Challenge we had some team relay races. The children had to take it in turns to run from one end of the playground to the other in order to collect a stick from their pot. This activity continued until all sticks had been collected from the pot and all team members were back in their starting position.

Again, the children worked well in their teams and it was a pleasure to hear children cheering for one another and providing their peers with lots of encouragement and praise.

Each time managed to complete the activity in the following times -


Pink team - 6 minutes 2 seconds

White team - 5 minutes 42 seconds

Green team - 5 minutes 40 seconds

Purple team - 5 minutes 54 seconds

Red team - 5 minutes 39 seconds

Black team - 5 minutes 30 seconds

Orange team - 5 minutes 52 seconds

Grey team - 5 minutes 33 seconds

Blue team - 5 minutes 36 seconds

Yellow team - 6 minutes 2 seconds


It is wonderful to see children compete against one another internally as it prepares them for external competitions against other schools within the local authority. 


Well done to all children !! Thank you to each individual for ensuring that we had a very enjoyable afternoon with a little healthy competition between teams.

Tuesday 20th March 2018


Today we have participated in our first Sports Relief activity of 2018. The children have each had a go at 'Beating the Goalie.' Mr Craddock very kindly spent his afternoon in goal. Each child from Nursery through to Year 6 had the opportunity to try and score a goal past Mr Craddock.

The children went out class by class and we had lots of cheering and lots of support was offered between peers. We had many children that managed to beat the goalie and gained 1 team point for managing to score a goal.