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The Scholastic book fair is available every year during our parents evenings. Please remember every time you buy a book, the school receive rewards that can be converted into books.

Walking into a book.......

Download books from Oldham Libraries
Children and parents can get FREE ebooks, audiobooks, magazines straight to a phone, laptop or tablet. There are lots of fiction and non-fiction books and magazines for Primary pupils available now and audiobooks are a great way to relax for adults and children.
Join online today for instant download, you will get a temporary borrower ID. If you are a library member already but can’t remember your number – they can find it for you and it doesn’t matter if you have an overdue book because they don’t fine!
Login and from your account you can search the catalogue, and browse and download books using the library webpage today


To join: 


To Login to your library account:

Or download the BorrowBox, RB Digital and uLibrary Apps
•    BorrowBox for audio and ebooks
•    ULibrary for audiobooks
•    RB Digital for magazines, ebooks and audiobooks
Email: if you need any help.