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We encourage our children to take pride in what they do and presentation takes a key role with sticking to this principle. We have adopted the pre-cursive approach to handwriting, which will be implemented from Reception onwards. This approach is built on year by year as shown clearly in the policy below. We aim for our children to have developed a well paced and fluent handwriting style, where all letters are accurately formed, by the end of Year 4. All children are different and we tailor our support and materials with handwriting to meet each individuals needs. Please see the attached document for an example of the expected letter formation. The looped letters for descenders (letters falling below the line) is only enforced in year 5 and 6, however some children find this an easier way to keep their writing more fluid and this is fine. Please note the letter sizes when supporting your child at home. The ascenders (b, d, h, k, l and t) should all be clearly taller than the 'base letters' (letters such as a, e, m, n, r).