Greenfield Primary School

Welcome to Greenfield Primary School.


Our new building will be open for pupils as planned on Tuesday, 3rd September 2019.  Could all children please enter the school playground around 8.50am and find their class teacher who will be standing alongside the football pitch in the playground.  There are two gates, one at the front of the school and one at the rear.  Nursery and Reception teachers will be standing near their gates in the fenced off area for their outdoor provision.  At the end of the day on this first day, teachers will take their class back into the playground to the same place where they were collected from in the morning.  On subsequent days children will know themselves which doors they will enter and leave school from and will be able to inform their parents, as this will be part of a demonstration for each class including a tour of the school.  As soon as we have settled in ourselves there will be opportunities for parents to come and view the school.  This is a very exciting time for all our staff and families and we know we will have to be very flexible as things change and develop.

Mr M Wood